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Day 29: Best Nicky’s lyric.
It's obvious, but I have to go with This is Yesterday.

There is something beautifully understated and universal about that moment of melacholy where you lament everything you ever did wrong and regret and the overwhelming feeling of fear as anxiety overcomes you, all in these 3 lines;
I repent, I'm sorry, everything is falling apart
Houses as ruins and gardens as weeds
Why do anything when you can forget everything

Day 30: What do Manics mean to you and have they changed your life?
The urge to just say 'everything' is huge here. I want to just specify that the Manics being 'everything' doesn't exclude the importance of friends, family, pets etc, but yeah....Everything.

As previously discussed, here and here, the Manics first came properly onto my radar in '99 and then started meaning something to me in '02. The October following seeing them at V2002 was when Forever Delayed was released and they did the corresponding tour in December. In the time between seeing them in August and again in December I bought half of all the albums and immersed myself in the band. My friend S and I would stay up all night watching DVDs, listening to albums and discussing the band.

Over the next year - coincidentally also my final year of sixth form - I bought the rest of the albums, books, magazines, joined the Stay Beautiful forum, went to an in store gig/signing for Lipstick Traces - which involved a 5am start in Nottingham, to get to London in time to queue for wristbands, before returning a week later for the actual gig - and generally immersed myself in the band.

In many ways they turned things around for me.  The final year of Sixth Form was a really hard year for me and they - those damn valley boys - got me through.  They offered comfort, and understanding, and an identity.  

They taught me, and this is the most important thing they've given me, that intellect is the most valuable gift I have.  And that I should treasure it.  I stopped being ashamed of being different; you know the special kind of shame that only a comprehensive school can impress on a person, and I started believing the things that made me different were all good things.  

Dress how you want, talk how you want, read what you want (although if you don't know what you want, Manics fanhood comes with an extensive recommended reading list - all philosophers and literature) and be better for it.  A better fan for it, as they say; this one's for the freaks.

So yeah, self worth, plus the sheer numbers of people I have met by virtue of being a Manics fan equals 'everything'.
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Day 28: Your favourite song from Journal for Plague Lovers.
I've been sitting here with this window open for....ages.  I'm listening to Radiohead at the minute as well which probably isn't helping.

JFPL is a funny album in that it seems to utterly resist being broken up - whether that's because the Manics didn't release any singles from it, or because they couldn't have released any singles from it because it is such an impenetrable whole, I don't know - which makes it hard to single out just one track.

Me and Stephen Hawking is probably the one that a) always persuades me to sing along and b) has some of the most appealing lyrics, (including "me and Stephen Hawking we laughed/we missed the sex revolution when we failed the physical" - it's gold!)  
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Day 22: Your favourite song from Everything Must Go.
The obvious choice here is A Design for Life but I feel like that song doesn't really define that album, and that's what I'm going for with my answers I think (yeah, even with my answer regarding Generation Terrorists, because Motorcycle Emptiness represents what they wanted to achieve with the entire album, but inevitably only managed with one song) seems wrong to pick Small Black Flowers for the same reason - it's a classic Richey lyric (and a truly beautiful song) and as a result merely harkens back to previous tracks rather than embodies what they were trying to do on that album so I am going to go for the outside bet and pick No Surface All Feeling.

The long intro is representative of much of the musical moment this album represents.  I think James' restrained vocals building up to the chorus are perfectly timed.  Love the drums, bit reminiscent of The Holy Bible and there is a beautiful melancholy to the lyrics.

Day 23: Your favourite song from This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours.
First things first, I think that, as a leaning-towards-hardcore fan, this album starts on track 6 and ends on track 12 - and let me take this opportunity to restate how much I hate S.Y.M.M. and raise you Tsunami.  With that in mind....'s really bloody hard to pick a favourite!  I've already stated that my favourite Manics song is You're Tender and You're Tired so it feels unnecessary to pick that again.  Nobody Loved You is a contender but somehow the awkward first verse means it doesn't quite get there - although the chorus and final verses are unrelentingly glorious.

In the end, it comes down to My Little Empire.  It's beautiful, just beautiful, and that's really all I'm going to say.  Have they ever done an acoustic version, does anyone know? Would love to hear it.  

Day 24: Your favourite song from Know Your Enemy.
Ugh, do I have to? (Incidentally, Amazon offer a preview of all the songs on the other albums, except this one. They know they'd be on to a losing thing)

Err....Ocean Spray.  Because James in that video makes me cry.  And, as I understand it, he cried to.

Day 25: Your favourite song from Lipstick Traces.
Bright Eyes.

James was made to sing that song.

Day 26: Your favourite song from Lifeblood.
Top tip for passing time while listening to this album - pretend James' vocals are indecipherable and replace key words/imagine what he could be singing.  I think To Repel Goats would have been far superior.

I Live to Fall Asleep.  It's a great Nicky lyric, and I enjoy both the melody and the fact James doesn't over sing it in the way he does with with other tracks on that album.

Day 27: Your favourite song from Send Away The Tigers.
Hello return of difficult choices!

I'm going to plump for the titular track - Send Away the Tigers.  The opening bars made me excited for that entire album in a way I hadn't been about the Manics in years, and every time I listen to it that emotion is reignited and I'm back in 2007, on the British Airways flight home from Rio, in the middle of the night with everyone around me sleeping listening to it for the first time holding my breath to keep from missing a single bar.

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Day 19: Your favourite song from Generation Terrorists.
Motorcycle Emptiness.

Easy one that.  That song stands out, not just from that album but from their entire back catalogue.  There is something immediate about the opening guitar riff.  And the emotion which never fails to wash over you in the opening bars means I have a stronger, immediate, guttural connection to that one song than I do to almost any other I've ever heard.  It's really that simple.

Day 20: Your favourite song from Gold Against The Soul.
Ah, a bit more difficult.  It's a three way contest between Sleepflower, Tristessa and Despair.

All things considered I'd probably go for From Despair to Where.

I say 'all things considered' but really I sat here flicking through youtube videos and photos and suddenly became aware that a little voice at the back of my head was just singing "I write this alone in my head" over and over again.  It's one hell of a hook.

I'm not sure why - probably to do with historical connections I have with that entire album - but I get a good, warm, strong feeling singing along.  So yes, my favourite.

Day 21: Your favourite song from The Holy Bible.

Opening lyrics? "For sale, dumb cunts sing dumb questions".

Positives? Had Richey not disappeared, it would have been released as a single.  And the fourth word of their commercially released single (they had refused to censor) would have been 'cunt'.

It's immediate and in many ways I think it sets out exactly what the next 12 tracks on that album are going to be - lyrically, musically, emotionally - and it does it beautiful.

That end rush of lyrics (I eat and I dress and I wash/and I can still say thank you/Puking - shaking - sinking) is exhilarating and represents some of Richey/Nicky's finest, most well rounded and most uncompromising lyric writing.

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Can I revise my answer to question 10? I knew there was another one in the back of my mind that I liked more, and I've just found it:
Day 10: Best quote from Nicky.
"Every generation has its one defining moment.  We are yours."

Day 12: Best quote from James
"I believe in high intelligence and high aggression, and I believe the two mix very well"

That's pretty much the opinion I hold dearest when going into any and every argument.  It also serves as an important reminder of something which I think gets lost every now and again; James holds those ideas most loudly championed by Richey and Nicky (read, think, rebel, argue, articulate) just as dear.

Day 13: Best quote from Richey.
Ok, my biggest temptation here is just to put something hilarious, which, whilst not my favourite quote, would raise a smile, but I'll resist.* 

There are two, the first because it's about the last thing most people would attribute to Richey (self disgust is self obsession honey) and the second because there's an appealing kind of poetry to it.  And it is very, very Richey.

"We're obsessed with lots of things, it's better than being obsessed with ourselves"

"The only perfect circle on the human body is the eye. When a baby is born it's so perfect, but when it opens its eyes it's just blinded by corruption and everything else is a downward spiral."

MANIC MYSTERY!!!!111323!!
In compiling this entry I was reading through my NME Originals and Everything.  In the NME originals I came across this photo (thing I'm about to talk about helpfully circled), and I suddenly noticed why Nicky was wearing a cowboy style neckerchief - he has a big old cut on his neck.  On the opposite page (page 10, if you have a copy to consult at home) there is a tiny article, dated Feb 1991, which says the Manics cancelled gigs so that Nicky could have a thyroid cyst removed from his neck.  Mystery solved right? WRONG! The photo is dated January 1991, a month before cyst removal and the cut is clearly well on the way to being healed.  Anybody know?

Final thought:
The internet has denied us the moment of solidarity that used to come from finding a record that spoke to you and sharing it with your friends.  There's a quote in the NME from a kid in 1991 that runs "There's only one copy of 'Motown Junk'  in our village and we all share it".  I think that the net result is that the good music, the really good, transformative music is diluted not just by the crap, but by the proliferation of sources.  The value of a record is diminished when you don't have that tactile connection to it, I really believe that.

*Well, not resist so much as footnote it; "Sleeping with someone is just a change from wanking.  Personally, I get as much pleasure out of wanking.  I could just as happily go back to the hotel, sit on the bog and have a good wank.  It doesn't make any difference to me"

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Day 17 for those who can't see under f-lock )

Day 18: What do you think has happened to Richey?

There is an aspect to this question which is quite tasteless, and yet it is undoubtedly a requirement of fanhood.  You have to have an opinion, and rightly or wrongly everyone does.

For a long time - a very long time - I needed to believe he was alive.  That he had been able to escape the pressures he found unmanageable and, in turn, become more than the sum of his symptoms.  In short, that he had found health, and perhaps some measure of happiness.  I am confident it is easy to disappear completely, people do it every day on the streets of Britain alone; a trip to the tattooist would quickly overpaint those tell-tale tattoos and bam! Just another face.

Over the years, and through the ups and downs of my life that opinion has wavered slightly and then become something I need to cling to again.  But over the last year or more that has started to change.  I think it was primarily destabilised by his family deciding to declare him legally dead in November 2008 (a notable date for me, think that made it more poignant at the time) - if they are coming down on that side of uncertainty then why should I believe otherwise? And then there was JFPL.

Journal for Plague Lovers dramatically altered my understanding of Richey's state of mind when he left - previously cobbled together evidence, snippets of interviews, gut feelings had informed it.  Whether or not William's Last Words is written from his point of view or not, the sentiment, like that of 4st7lbs, is quite clear.  The more you read those words the more you find you simply can't deny that suicide was most likely on his mind.  There's also the pain which I saw so clearly on Nicky's face when he had to sing William's Last Words at the last gig on the tour in Brighton.  Richey loved him, I am sure of that.  So how can you be alive, out there somewhere, with the power to end the pain your friends and family so publicly express, and not act?

In some ways, I'd rather believe he was dead and therefore not cruelly, passively sitting back and watching those he loved suffer because they simply don't know whether to mourn him or search for him.

Although it has to be said, even typing "he was dead" makes my heart sink a little.  It feels like a loss I can't properly quantify because I never got to have him.  I don't want it to be true, because I want a chance to have the band I am forever missing.  And I adore that bloody band, I want them to have the person back they are always missing.  Always falling over that gap to the right of the stage.  I want Nicky to smile like he does in some of those old interviews.
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Day 11: Best quote from Sean.
This is well nigh impossible given that SEAN DOESN'T SPEAK!!! Which, anecdotally, was the reason I had the nerve to go "HI! That was really good! Mind if I take your picture?" at Lipstick Traces signing way back in the mists of time (a.k.a. 2003)  ANYWAY. I was going to dig out something about his technology love then I came across this;

"If the world ended tomorrow, if the human race ended tomorrow, I wouldn’t have any regrets about it whatsoever, because I don’t think we’ve contributed anything whatsoever, in the entire history of this planet, that’s worthwhile. At the end of the day, everything’s dusk, and that is it."

So that's it.  That is categorically my favourite quote.

Day 15: Best photo of the band.
Interestingly I was mentally scrolling through all my favourite group photos before I started searching for a short list and not a single consideration was for a three piece photo.  It doesn't even register as 'the band'.

So, close but not right are (click to embiggen!)...
Mostly because Nicky looks like a possessed...well, a possessed Nicky.  And Richey kinda has the smile of 'yeah, I know what he looks like, but I still love him mad like.'

a) CHEESE!!!! b) Nicky looks like he hasn't slept for a week!

This only just counts as a group because Sean's drums are a bit visible. But LOOK! Richey wants to learn guitar MID-GIG!

This, because I have the original poster - from Smash Hits in 1994 no less, a magazine I bought *every* single week for years. And it;'s just cute.

LITTLE MANICS! Cute and...hopeful and silly.  And that's what early Manics kinda is in a nutshell

And finally, the one which I always felt told you so, SO much about the childhood they talk about so often:

Makes you feel part of it, just a tiny bit.

And the winner is.......

Ok, I cheated, it's a draw:
It's just such a heartbreakingly cool picture. Fashion-wise it is my favourite period and everyone is looking stormingly hot. It also tells you so much about the band.  Aggressive, soft, image conscious, fashion stupid, confrontational, appealing.  It's all there.

This, well this is another one of those glimpses into the band which I adore.  They just look so *together*.  They're the people you want to be/be with and yet there's a coherence which tells you there is no way in, not right now.  But there are parts of it you can explain if you know their story, it's like a fan-puzzle.  And I like that.

Day 16: Your favourite music video.

Oh, an easy one;

Love's Sweet Exile!!!!!!

That was one of those I just watched over and over when I was first getting into the Manics.  I also used clips from it in one of Masters essays (one of the many positive points of a) doing a queer theory MA and b) doing a sexuality and media theory course) which is A* as far as I'm concerned.

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(Yes, I know I've missed 11-13, I'll come back to them when I have time to go get my books out and work out what my favourite quotes are, life is *way* too busy right now)

Day 14: Have you listened to Nicky’s or James’ solo-albums?

Yes. Sort of. Partly.

I've listened to James' album many times over. It's basically soft Manics with mediocre to poor lyrics but good vocals and pleasing melodies. I distinctly remember making time to listen to radio 2/the Ken Bruce show every day for a week as The Great Western was the album of the week from the Monday before it was released. It has some really mainstream-radio-accessible tracks on and every now and again I like to just sit back and enjoy as James' voice trickles over me with it's honey-ed glow.

It may not be cool, or hip, or critically brilliant, but a) neither are the Manics and b) it fills a gap in my music collection with much needed....pleasantness.

Nicky's album is another matter. I got the free I killed the Zeitgeist download on...Christmas Day was it? Anyway, I got it. Listened to it with eyes widening with every bar before immediately listening to it again to confirm that yes, it really was THAT BAD.

I dutifully bought the album...some time after it was released and got the nice cardboard case/special edition one.  It sat in said nice case for several months before I gave listening to it a whirl, and managed to get through 3 tracks before turning it off in horror.

Since then I have tried to listen to the album several times, it's actually a painful experience.  Even having it on low in the background while I do something else hasn't worked, it is too pervasively bad to make it through the whole thing - you notice it's on because it offends your ears so unrelentingly.

I read an article on the Manics a while back, I forget where, it was discussing the rock star credentials of Nicky Wire and quipped that he was the solo artist ever to release an album, play one gig and then unceremoniously split up with himself.  I laughed at the truth in that.  Nice to know that they managed, on a small scale, to fulfill their promise from way back when.

When I worked at HMV part of my job was to restock the Rock and Pop section.  I would move stuff around so 'Nicky Wire' was a header card at the front of that section and used to bring as many of the hundreds of copies that were in the stock room of the album out as I could.  We sold about 4 of them in the 2 months I worked there.  I entirely credit myself with those sales.  I'm expecting my commission any day now.
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Day 10: Best quote from Nicky.

There are so, so many hilarious ones. I think I'm just going to go for the one which has appealed to me/I've agreed with personally since 21.
I feel past it at 21, but I still try to make a semblance of an effort. 

The close second is the one I most wish I agreed with;
The difference between me and Richey is he always wanted to be understood, and I prefer being misunderstood. I don't feel the need for people to love or respect me
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Day 8: Your least favourite cover/B-side.

Another difficult one. I think the fact the Manics greatest hits gift to the fans was a choice of the most popular b-sides and covers speaks volumes, not about the quality of those tracks, but about the fans' sense of irony.

In the vein I'd probably nominate Patrick Bateman. It's one of those tracks which the fans talk about in hushed terms. "Have you heard it? Isn't it....isn't it though?!" I always assume people are being ironic when they express love for that track, I certainly hope they are because they would all drop immeasurably in my estimation.

As far as the actual components of the track go; musically it's boring as hell and ill thought out. Sounds like James and Sean threw it together in 5 mins after recording something really good just because they had their instruments to hand. The musical equivalent of scrawling it on the back of a beer mat. Oh, and 7 minutes? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

Lyrically? Well it's nothing out of the ordinary for Nicky/Richey but christ, "I fucked God up the ass"? Embarassing. Flat out embarassing.


Day 9: Your favourite lyric.

Lyric, singular? Yeesh.

Lyrically (well, obviously in all respects) I think Journal for Plague Lovers is a triumph. It's probably because it combines their two best assets; Richey's impossibly dense writing style and Nicky's capacity for spotting a rhythmically pleasing couplet* (not that there are many standard rhyme/rhythm schemes on that album but you see what I'm driving at I hope) and trimming around it to produce a strong lyric (see: A Design for Life) For these reasons, my favourite lyric(s) will all come from one album - largely because otherwise this entry will never end.

In terms of (1) THE BEST LYRIC TO SING LOUDLY AT A GIG. I would have to give that to (*drumroll*).....

Herman the bull and Tracey the sheep/Transgenic milk containing human protein

I love it. It's ridiculous and encapsulates so much of Richey's voice and brings a crowd together to chant cynicism and it's ridiculous a few more times. And fitting those words into that half a note (ok, so it might be *two* notes, but it's a seriously short musical period of time, I swear) is both insanely satisfying ("I did it without running out of air!) and oddly relaxing - you just try screaming that out across the barrier and see how you feel.

The close second place in that category is just one word; shouting 'versus' in Born.a.graphic versus porn.a.graphic

How you feel, is obviously also incredibly important so (2) THE BEST LYRIC FOR MAKING YOU FEEL THE BAND'S ARE TALKING ABOUT *YOUR* LIFE is....

empty arms and an aching heart/the love she sought through faltering thought


I would prefer no choice/one bread one milk one food that's all/I am confused I only want one truth

(4) THE MOST HILARIOUSLY RICHEY-ISM LYRIC; except there are *two* perfect ones, so I'm going to give a short-shortlist;

Crucifixion is the easy life


Skin cancer calories

(5)THE MOST IMMEDIATELY QUOTABLE LYRIC. Come on, say it with me....

Oh Mummy what's a sex pistol?

(6) THE MOST HEARTBREAKING LYRIC. There's really only one song this could come from, and that's William's Last Words;

I love you yeah I love you/just let me go/I even love the devil/but yes he did me harm/don't keep me any longer/cos I am really tired/I'd love to go to sleep/and wake up happy

And now you can breathe a sigh of relief, because that's your lot. I just clicked through on [ profile] openatticnight's entry to copy and paste her disclaimer and was reminded of all the amazing lyrics on other albums so I *really* have to post this now before it explodes into the tens of thousands words territory.

And in her words; "we are a thorough fandom, if nothing else"


Too Cold Here.  Completely. Amazing.

* I was just check lyrics/sciryl and not only has it moved to a crappy free host, it also doesn't have JFPL on it. WHAT?!

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Day 7: Your favourite cover/B-side.

Either Red Sleeping Beauty or...nope.  It's Red Sleeping Beauty.  James' vocals are spotless.  It is an epic song and just beautiful.

I wish I had a bit of story or more reason to go with that but it's as simple as that.  It just is.

If anyone wants it who doesn't have it let me know and I can email it over to you.
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Day 6: The most memorable Manics’ moment to you.

Wow. This is a hard one.

Um, in lieu of having any memory for Nicky's verbal diaorhea* - the usual most memorable Manics moment - I'm just going to choose something personal.

At the V festival in 2002 my friend and I went to see Badly Drawn Boy (who had won the Mercury Music Prize that year, if memory serves) whilst the Manics were playing on the NME stage.  I had pushed for BDB and she was more keen on having a look at the Manics.  We watched a couple of songs by Badly Drawn Boy, who turned out to be awful (stopping songs about 30 seconds in/as they hit the chorus, to light a cigarette/bitch about another artist) and hot footed it over to the other side of the festival site to see the Manics.  We got there for the last 4 songs.  I really truly don't remember what the first 3 were, but I was there for A Design for Life.

I was there for A Design for Life. In 2002.

It was glorious.  And it was the moment everything changed for me and the Manics.

* Yes, I did watch the Brits in...err...whatever year that was, I have no memory of Nicky drunkenly ranting. I watched it on YouTube after Elizabeth pressed me to have a memory of it in my No Manifesto interview - I remembered it in that deja-vu sorta way.

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Day 5: Your least favourite song.

There are *so* many to pick from!

I'd probably go for S.Y.M.M. Largely because they seem to actually know it was a woefully unsuccessful song ("But it's really not the sort of thing/That people want to hear us sing...The ending for this song/Well I haven't really thought of one" - err, don't bother then?!) BUT THEY STILL PUT IT ON THE ALBUM.

There's really very little to say. I think I've listened to it a couple of times and always been completely perplexed at why it exists and why Nicky actually thought he'd written lyrics rather than an apology and a bit of procrastination. It's like me trying to write a book about the Napoleonic Wars and producing a 300 page ramble about how I not only don't know what I'm talking about , being really excited about remembering a couple of relevant names and dropping them in (Napoleon! He was definitely involved! = "But thank you Jimmy McGovern...") before finally concluding it probably wasn't worth it (The reason for this song/Well it may be a pointless one)


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Day 4: Your favourite song.
My god, this is a hard one. I think it's probably wrong to pick a cover so I won't put Red Sleeping Beauty - which, vocally, is one of James' best - but, err....

You're Tender and You're Tired.

Unexpected? Maybe. I think it is understated and quite, quite beautiful.  And frankly, I never get tired of hearing it.  It isn't a hit-you-round-the-head sort of song, and the emotions it elicits are slow burning and subtle.  But somehow, to me, it's all the grander for it.


Drama seems at hand over on twitter this evening. Alan Davies just posted that;
"My wife,despite her FlyBe EconomyPlus ticket,has been turned away from the lounge at Cardiff Airport because she's carrying a baby..." (here)
and goes on to say;
"Cardiff Airport said my wife could go in the lounge but the 7 month old baby in her arms could not..." (here)

At which point Cardiff Airport apparently set up a twitter account and responded thusly;
"@alandavies1 We regret your wife’s disappointment but no children under 10yrs are allowed in the executive lounge" (here)

Responses? What you'd expect, lots of people puffing and spluttering in outrage. And me, and a minority of others;
Frankly, I'm behind @Cardiff_Airport's ban on kids under 10 in the Exec lounge. Why should everything be geared to families?
I mean it's bad enough being on a plane with screaming child,much worse them being in th relaxing pre-boarding environment you pay extra for
Just because you think little johnny's screeching, vomiting, defecating & dribbling is charming doesn't mean I should have to put up with it
As far as I'm concerned there should be child-free parks, restaurants, buses, trains, lifts and beaches.Everywhere.Carry on @Cardiff_Airport
(Those are all me)

And the others I've found so far;
@Lufferov @alandavies1 Not allowing children in the executive lounge seems perfectly reasonable to me. I agree with @Cardiff_Airport! (here)
@IanSDavidson @alandavies1 Can you not just accept that it's impossible for @Cardiff_Airport to please everyone. Many of us appreciate a child free lounge (here)

I genuinely don't understand what is so offensive about an airport, who charge for a specific service, which is sold on the basis of it being relaxing and conducive to doing work - in short, an executive lounge - enforcing specific rules to ensure that service remains all the things it is expected to be by the majority of the service users. I am constantly enraged by the unending pandering to families and making what would otherwise be communal or adult spaces into an anarchic crèche (oxymoron?).

Don't get me wrong, I don't hate kids, AT ALL. I adore volunteering with the Brownies and my nephew even changed my opinions on babies from unadulterated hatred to occasional adoration when he was born back in 1997. What I do hate is the idea that opining that "screaming children impede my enjoyment of the cinema/restaurant/flight/bus or train journey" is somehow a sin worse than murder and you are treated as though you just defecated on the coffee table over which you're having the conversation. Ironic really given the child(ren) you are complaining about may well defecate on a coffee table but instead that act would be received in a circle of doting, insane mothers*.

Adult space matters. Why has protecting that become synonymous with destroying The Family, Society and The World?

I'm going to go and read Edelman's No Future/my dissertation again.

* Who are absolutely different from some mothers I know to be out there who do not lose control of their intellect the moment their child first pees in their face.
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Day 2: Your favourite album.
It used to be, absolutely unequivocally, The Holy Bible but over the last year and a little bit my loyalty has shifted to Journal for Plague Lovers.  It is like The Holy Bible in the sense that it sounds unlike everything else in my record collection but it has a couple of things which, in my opinion, push it over the edge into true greatness.  Firstly, it is so much fresher than The Holy Bible, this is partly my fault for listening to it too many times but also there is a more sophisticated approach to mixing and actually compiling the songs and I think that results in a freshness that won't fade.  Secondly, there is a warmth in that album which The Holy Bible willfully neglects to include - and certainly that does works - but the emotional connection the band have with those lyrics and their drive to create an album as a tribute imbues the whole album with something completely different, and, I think, better.

Day 3: Your least favourite album
Know Your Enemy. Man Alive I hate that album. It's such a jumbled mess, it sounds like they changed their mind on what they were doing every 2 minutes and as a result it doesn't do anything well but plenty of things very, VERY, badly. There are...3? good tracks on it; Intravenous Agnostic, Ocean Spray and Found that Soul, and I'm not even that keen on Found that Soul.  Every now and again I think I'm being too hard on it and give it another listen, but I don't think I've managed to listen to it all the way through in the last 5 years or more.  It's just bad.
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Day 1: First time you heard Manics.

I don't know really, sometime on the radio. They were always there. The first time I heard a song that actually penetrated was You Stole the Sun from My Heart, which I bought as a single - the first cd single I ever bought, no less. And my official first single I bought (in reality, the first single I bought was Pray, by Take That....yeah.)

I agonised over whether to get CD1 or CD2 and plumped for CD1 because it had actual different tracks as the b-side(s) rather than remixes.  The b-side was Socialist Serenade which, for 14 year old me, was a wee bit heavy.  I remember listening to it tentatively, a few times.  It was just...unlike everything else I owned and it remained in my record collection as something I kept going back to in the hope I'd...get it.  A few short years later - 2002 to be precise - I did.


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